Over the years, several books have been written about the history of Decatur, but few have contained more than several passages related to the African American population of the City. 

If you would like to learn more about Decatur and its general history, see the resource list on this page. You can also view the official City of Decatur website.

Books about historic Decatur, Georgia

– African-American Life in DeKalb County, 1823-1970 by Herman “Skip” Mason, Jr.

– African American Education in DeKalb County (GA) by Narvie J. Harris Me.D. and Dee Taylor Me.D.

– The Story of Decatur, 1823-1899 by Caroline McKinney Clarke

– History of DeKalb County, Georgia, 1822-1900 by Vivian Price

– Attacked on All Sides: The Civil War Battle of Decatur, Georgia, the Untold Story of the Battle of Atlanta by David Allison and Lisa Rickey

– Native Decatur: The earliest history of the Decatur, Georgia area from its bedrock formation to the Creek wars by Mark Pifer

– Life in Dixie During the War by Mary Gay